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By Avionté Staffing Software

As a staffing professional, there’s no doubt you welcome any opportunity to boost your business, especially if it keeps your costs down too. The perfect solution may be a candidate referral program.

This is a low- to no-cost solution that can produce outstanding results.

Here’s how.

Candidates do your marketing. A candidate referral program gives you a virtually unlimited source of new prospects. Your current employees can keep an eye open for friends or professional colleagues who would be a great addition to your company. It’s in their best interest to refer only the best people for employment because their professional reputation depends on it and they’ll have to work with the new hire.

It keeps marketing costs down. You can spend less on paid marketing if you have a strong candidate referral program. Offering a small referral bonus will motivate employees to refer people at a fraction of what most advertising or marketing typically costs a staffing firm.

Reach passive candidates. Trying to attract talent from a competitor? Let your team know! They can tell you if they know people who work there and put you in touch directly. Your current employees are your fastest route to tough-to-reach talent.

Spend your time to hire. Candidate referrals cut off several steps in the hiring process. You don’t have to post the jobs, conduct a search or sort through resumes. You may even be able to abbreviate your preliminary screening process, all of which serve to fill jobs faster.

Improve retention. Referred candidates tend to be candidates who fit well into your organization. When you hire for fit as well as skills, you have employees who are more engaged and tend to stay longer. With the high-quality hires generated by a candidate referral program, the sky’s the limit for your staffing business.

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