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By Nick Andriacchi

At the turn of every new year, we tend to reminisce the events of the past year and look forward to what the future holds. I guess that’s human nature. While reflecting over the past year, I kept coming back to the passage of time and how to make better use of it. So here are a few “timely” thoughts for the new year.


Don’t Live in The Past

“Regrets, I’ve had a few”. We all have had missed opportunities but shouldn’t dwell on them. As my dearly departed cousin “Papa Frank” would say “Leave the past in the past”. Every day is a new day filled with abundant opportunities. Take advantage of them.


Avoid Time Sucks

Social media: Insta, FB, Twitter – are huge time sucks.

Think of time as a finite asset. Once the day is done -its done and you don’t get it back. If you are in sales or recruiting, its easy to let days pass without any meaningful activity. Remember, every day off the calendar makes it hard to achieve goals.


Focus Time on Positive Activity

Before anything else gets done – reduce time on bitchin’. Everyday should be approached with a positive mindset. Then focus on activities that produce positive results.

KPI’s are nice way to measure activity but the goal is results. Sometimes sales and recruiters will focus on “hitting KPI numbers” as opposed achieving the ultimate goal. In a previous post, I wrote about the importance of focusing on building relationships as opposed to focusing on KPI’s. Here is the link.




Time spent on building relationships or performing an activity well produces better results.


Business Case for Staffers

Business is always changing. For staffers, hot job markets last year may not be as hot this year. Entering 2023, we are certainly seeing a softer market in the professional services space compared with early 2022.


Staffers – and this is sooo important – time spent on non-revenue producing functions is time not spent of revenue producing ones.


Sales, recruiting and customer relations. Those are the core three functions that keep the lights on and make money.


Examples of non-revenue producing functions are payroll, invoicing, managing internal employees, and keeping in compliance with a traditional lender cost time and money. Hiring an outside firm to handle these functions and finance growing payroll will free up time to scale your business and make real money.


Contact me so you too can harness the power of time.


Lastly, if we learned anything from the past pandemic – try and spend more time enjoying life outside of work. Time waits for no one so balance work and life is of utmost importance.

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