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By Matt Swistak

More and more businesses are beginning to open back up, which means there are available positions that need to be filled. Normally, this is not an issue. However, we are living in “less than normal” times. In the wake of the pandemic, people would rather collect unemployment or are wary of returning to work.

So, the question becomes:

How do you find qualified candidates to fill all those job orders?


Employer Branding

Now is a great time to showcase your company and why people should work for you. This can be done in a few different ways. Share testimonials on social media from people you have placed on jobs. You can even ask someone to record a quick 30-second video telling everyone about the positive experience they had. It’s also important to get your recruiters to record a few videos about available jobs and why someone should apply for them. You will also want to let people know that you care and are taking the proper precautions to ensure their health and safety.


Job Descriptions

Are your job descriptions written in a way that will attract candidates? If someone comes across your job description and doesn’t see how much it pays or why they should apply, they will likely not.

Be sure to focus on the job’s primary responsibilities and the opportunity to grow or be hired on full time. You’ll also want to create a sense of urgency by letting people know how soon they can start. If on-the-job training is included, be sure to mention that. The more details you provide, such as a clear job title, the more attractive the job appears, and hopefully, more people will apply.


Social Media

More people are spending time on social media, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for them to see your open positions. Another option is to write a general post directing people back to your job board, letting them know you have many exceptional positions available. And if you have specific jobs that need to be filled right away, you can put some money behind boosting them to ensure a larger audience sees them. Consider choosing specific demographics to make sure the right audience sees them as well.

Remember, successful recruiting in today’s market takes a lot more than just posting a job and hoping that people apply. Take time to make sure the job description will grab someone’s attention. Before posting, think to yourself: If you were looking for a job and came across this description, would you apply?

If you need assistance in attracting more candidates, contact one of our marketing experts today.

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