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It’s clear that E-Verify has benefits and drawbacks for the staffing industry. The advantage is that it’s a one-stop process to ensure that every candidate you represent is completely eligible to work in the United States. The disadvantage is that it’s just one more step in an already cumbersome vetting process that you must go through for each individual.

This is especially daunting if you typically work in industries requiring high-volume staffing – the exact industries where ineligible workers are most likely to be found! How can you simplify this complex process?

Integrate With Staffing Software

Using a comprehensive software system that can pull date from information that has already been entered can speed up your process, increase your accuracy and prevent duplication. It will provide a virtual paper trail that can be audited should your compliance be called into question.

Organize Your Data

Even the most efficient system can be cumbersome if you begin the task unprepared. Begin by rounding up the following information:

  • Company ID# as listed on the E-Verify website
  • Company name as registered with E-Verify
  • User’s E-Verify website credentials (Program Admin or General User ID)
  • User’s Phone Number
  • User’s Email Address
  • User’s First and Last Name
  • IP Address
  • Hosted IP Address (type
  • Self-hosted IP Address (your IT should be able to provide your IP address)

Train Your Team

The E-Verify site provides extensive training for employers and job seekers. Make sure every affected individual is well trained in the process to be sure no candidates are slipping through the cracks. Your expertise in the system is a great selling point for employers looking for options that minimize employment risks.

It’s up to you to ensure that your firms is 100 percent compliant.

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