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One of the greatest challenges in the Staffing and Recruiting sector is communication. Talented employees represent the main pillar, and greatest asset, of any business, but managing your teams can be challenging, especially as remote working is becoming increasingly popular. At the same time, our mobile phones are always in use, whether that’s to check our emails, social media pages, or news.

So, why not leverage the opportunity that these habits have opened up? Automated mass texting can help businesses in the Staffing & Recruiting sector to reach out to employees, prospects, and talents and creates a more supportive community even among remote teams.

However, when selecting the right phone number for mass texting, it is important to know the differences between Toll-Free and Local Text numbers. Depending on your chosen number, you can convey a different message and increase your business opportunities. Find out all you need to know below.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers (e.i.: 1-800-555-5555) have been a viable option for businesses since the 1960s. Over time, they have helped organizations build and strengthen their relationship with their audience, customers, and employees. Since then, this technology has evolved, and today, it allows for functions such as mass texting for staffing.

Toll-free numbers are suitable if you are looking to give your business a more established and trustworthy look. You can give your teams or talents a chance to reach back for free and ask for more information. Being highly scalable, toll-free numbers can suit the needs of businesses of any size.


  • Highly scalable
  • Suitable for remote and virtual businesses
  • Allows you to reach contacts on a national level
  • Can make it easier for your employees to get in touch with your business
  • Toll-free numbers are easily recognized and used by 90% of Americans
  • They allow you to personalize the communication with every person in your team or pool of talents, even if your business is large or international
  • Suitable for A2P (Application-to-Person) interactions. You might use toll-free numbers to send out notifications and automated messages.

Who Are Toll-Free Numbers Most Valuable For?

  • Toll-free numbers are ideal for staffing & recruiting organizations that operate across various locations or are looking at expanding nationally and internationally.
  • You might decide to opt for toll-free numbers if you wish to expand your reach for talents and you need a service that can grow alongside your business. These numbers can also sustain a high volume of messages.
  • In terms of business image, toll-free numbers will give your audience the impression that your business is established, larger, and trustworthy.
  • As more companies have started to operate remotely, toll-free numbers allow you to communicate with a remote team across several locations.

Local Text Numbers

Local numbers are an excellent option if you wish to keep your communication channels with your staff, recruits, or prospects more personal or informal. A local number will be limited to the local geographical area.

So, you will need to be mindful of the restrictions that this option might cause if your staffing and recruiting business is looking to expand to a national scale. Local text numbers of mass texting might be an excellent option for businesses that operate within a particular geographical area and wish to create a solid communication channel with the local talents.


  • More affordable than toll-free numbers
  • Only suitable for P2P (Person-to-Person) interaction
  • Suitable for local recruiting and staffing businesses, organizations, and charities.
  • Allow the business to assume a local identity
  • Target a more specific audience
  • They allow you to send MMS and messages other than just text

Who Are Local Text Numbers Most Valuable For?

  • Local text numbers are an excellent solution for recruiting and staffing organizations that look at interacting with local talents.
  • These numbers will target a specific audience, allowing you to understand better who your recipients are.
  • Offering a P2P messaging service, local text numbers are great for personalizing your communication with your talents and adding a human touch.
  • In terms of business image, local text numbers can create the impression that your business is accessible and local.

Text-Em-All Can Help You Overcome Business Communication Barriers

In the recruiting and staffing industry, managing each talent and matching them with their dream job can involve a lot of communication. Finding a scalable, efficient, reliable, and personalized way to communicate with them might not always be easy. Here at Text-Em-All, we have worked with a myriad of businesses and organizations.

Whether you are a small staffing company looking to develop internationally or you are creating a recruiting and job search website, we can help you find the right automated mass texting solution.


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