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The Future of Staffing is Mobile

The math is compelling. Talent is scarce and workers have new options for temporary income besides the traditional staffing agency. Gig work, temporary staffing platforms, and traditional staffing may have different business models but they all fish from the same pond for scarce labor. Mobile technology has driven explosive growth for Gig work, and traditional staffing agencies need to leverage the same technology to stay competitive. 

We already use smart phones to manage our finances, purchase travel, track our health, and stay in touch with our 500 best friends. Over 95% of working age Americans own their own mobile phones. Why not use mobile talent platforms to staff a worksite, schedule workers, track hours, and get people paid? Why can’t applying for temporary work be as simple and convenient as ordering a TV from Amazon?  

Imagine what would happen to your staffing business if your biggest competitor deployed a mobile talent platform that allowed candidates to quickly find and self-select for the best temporary work opportunities that fit their skills and schedules. Those candidates wouldn’t have to navigate to a website or wait for a recruiter’s phone call. They could also track their time, review their pay, and even receive same day pay all from the convenience of their phone. If you were the job candidate, why would you even bother with another staffing agency?  

“Utilizing the mobile talent app, we were able to re-engage with talent already existing in our database, reaching 45% more candidates than we were with traditional recruiting methods.”
Leisa Stallard
Director of Operations, The Reserves Network

Mobile Talent Platforms are Available Today

Mobile talent solutions for staffing are not science fiction. They are available today and they are delivering extraordinary business results for the staffing agencies who use them. Imagine cutting your time to fill by a third, tripling the number of candidates who return for a second assignment, or boosting gross margins by 30%.   

If your software vendor hasn’t already rolled out a competitive, credible mobile talent solution, there is a very good chance they won’t. It takes focused leadership, financial strength, and deep expertise to develop and deploy a credible mobile talent application at scale. The staffing industry moves quickly, and many staffing software providers already have obsolete technology. 

Avionté Staffing Software now offers its 24/7 mobile talent platform, powered by WorkN, with a seamless integration into BOLD, the premier integrated end-to-end staffing software solution. 

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