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More than ever, staffing firms depend on a frictionless talent funnel from start to finish. Everything from email outreach and social media interactions to the overall application experience on your staffing website needs to feel seamless, fast, and engaging for potential candidates. Lose their attention or confuse them and top talent will take their next search elsewhere.

Even with 30 years of light industrial staffing firm experience in the Nashville metro area, TA Staffing found it challenging to attract new candidates. Despite their deep relationships with their existing talent pool, their web experience—especially the iframe job board to their ATS—was failing to secure the interest and response of new applicants interacting with their company for the first time. Plenty of talented people were falling off before they spoke with a single TA Staffing recruiter.

That’s exactly why Jeff Bates, Managing Partner of TA Staffing, wanted a redesigned staffing website.

“Our main objective was to get an applicant to apply with the fewest clicks possible,” he said. “We also needed a website that would elevate our brand and showcase our great work environment.”

In the hopes of finding a partner who he could entrust with his brand, Jeff called and evaluated a variety of staffing marketing agencies. When he and Alex Morris, Marketing Director at TA Staffing, spoke with Kevin O’Brien, Partner and Co-Founder at echogravity, they knew they had found a partner who understood their industry and would be attentive to their brand.

“Right from the start, I got the impression that Kevin and his team were willing to take our website to the next level,” Alex said. “They not only understood how to create a user-friendly and redesigned staffing website, but they understood the specifics of our industry and audience. Of all our options, I felt the most secure with echogravity.”

Kevin and members of the echogravity team guided Jeff and Alex through the design, development, SEO optimization, and delivery of the revamped TA Staffing website. echogravity also redesigned their sister company’s website, Talntly.com. Both websites utilize a job portal connected to the TempWorks ATS, which streamlined the application process and enhanced the experience.

“Thanks to echogravity’s contributions to our websites, we have seen an increase in overall applicants, which now flow directly to our ATS,” Alex explained. “This saves recruiters time on data entry and allows them to focus their energy on getting to know candidates and their goals. Plus, echogravity took the time to train me on how to make quick edits on the back end, saving us time and money when easy adjustments need to be made.”

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