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By Victoria Kenward


Technology is amazing.

With a single click you can instantly find out where those pens you bought on Amazon are – and when they’ll arrive at your door. You’re always in the know!

Now, think for a minute like a candidate applying to a position on your job board: Once you hit the Submit button, your application and resume typically disappear into a recruiting “black hole.” Most of the time, you have no idea when – or even if – your submission will be reviewed or you’ll get a call.

Compare that to the experience of ordering a box of pens through Amazon.

See my point?


Your candidates deserve Amazon-quality communication during the recruiting process.

And thanks to improvements in technology, it’s easier than ever to improve candidate CX – especially when it comes to communication during the recruiting process.


Real-time feedback: The antidote to candidate anxiety and ghosting.

Real-time application feedback can help you:


Alleviate candidate anxiety. Knowledge is power during the recruiting process. Leverage technology to keep applicants informed throughout the hiring process:

  • At a minimum, setup an automated email to acknowledge candidates who submit an application. All websites we develop automatically generate a Thank You message when candidates apply, acknowledging receipt and informing them about next steps.
  • Automated interview reminders. Use marketing automation tools to create an automated communication plan that reminds candidates about job interviews and upcoming assignments. Using email and text, ask people to confirm their appointments and then have your recruiters call people who fail to respond.
  • Scripted, automated responses from chatbots can prevent communication vacuums after a job seeker applies online or completes an initial interview. Chatbots can be integrated with a variety of communication platforms, including websites, SMS, email, social media, messaging apps and applicant tracking systems – to dramatically enhance CX.


Minimize candidate drop off. The “not knowing” part of the hiring process can be incredibly frustrating for a job seeker. Using the tech outlined above to keep candidates up to date on the status of their application will help prevent them from giving up on your employer’s opportunity – especially if your process is complex or lengthy.


Improve completion and redeployment rates. From offer acceptance to first-day arrival to ongoing assignment feedback, use technology to execute a consistent, structured follow-up process. Create a series of emails, text messages and calls from recruiters to ensure your employees show up, are satisfied with the job, and are putting in their best efforts.


Strengthen your employment brand. Great communication demonstrates genuine caring, transparency, empathy and respect for the individual’s time, all of which build your reputation as an employer of choice. When candidates are well-informed, they’re more likely to share positive reviews about their experience – even if you’re unable to place them.


Don’t forget the power of human feedback, too.

Technology is powerful, but you need to pair it with great “people processes” to deliver a shareworthy candidate experience:

  • Train your recruiters to reach out to EVERY job applicant within 24 hours, letting them know what to expect.
  • At the end of the interview, let the person know what to expect next. If the candidate is not qualified, tell them why you can’t offer them a job and what they need to do to improve their skills.


Want more practical ideas for improving candidate CX?

Check out my Shareworthy Service posts or connect with a marketing educator today.

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