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While most clients in the staffing industry are honest and reliable, there’s always a chance someone might try to avoid paying your placement fees. This can happen through backdoor hires, where they circumvent your services by directly employing a candidate you presented, or through disputes about the quality of the placement. In these situations, a collection specialist becomes your valuable ally, safeguarding your hard-earned revenue and ensuring smooth financial operations.

Backdoor Hire Blues? No Problem.

Imagine finding the perfect candidate for a client, only to discover they secretly hired them directly, bypassing your fee. Frustrating, right? A collection specialist takes the burden off your shoulders. They possess the expertise and resources to track down such “backdoor hires” and negotiate or pursue legal action to secure your rightful commission.

Unhappy Client, Unpaid Fee? Not on Your Watch.

Sometimes, placements don’t work out due to factors beyond your control. The client might blame you and refuse to pay, despite a signed contract. Here’s where a collection specialist shines. They’ll step in to assess the situation objectively and negotiate a resolution based on the contract terms. If necessary, they’ll leverage their experience and negotiation skills to collect your due payment, protecting your financial interests.

Lawsuits: Don’t Go It Alone.

In rare cases, a client might resort to legal action to avoid paying your fee. This can be stressful and time-consuming. But fear not! A collection specialist can join forces with your legal team, providing invaluable insights and support throughout the process. They’ll help you navigate the legal landscape, gather evidence, and build a strong case to ensure you receive what you’re owed.

Beyond Collecting Fees: Building Trust and Growth

A collection specialist isn’t just about recovering lost revenue. They also help maintain positive client relationships, even in challenging situations. Their professional approach and negotiation skills can often resolve disputes amicably, fostering trust and paving the way for future collaborations. This ultimately contributes to your agency’s stability and growth.

Don’t let unpaid fees hinder your success. Investing in a collection specialist is an investment in your agency’s financial well-being and peace of mind. They act as your protector and closer, ensuring you get paid for your valuable services and allowing you to focus on what you do best: finding the perfect matches between clients and candidates.

COATS Staffing Software seamlessly integrates with Adams, Evens & Ross, the nation’s leading collection firm specializing in the staffing industry. With a single click, you can turn over past-due accounts, ensuring swift and professional recovery of your earned fees.

Focus on placements, not payments.

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