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The Illinois Search and Staffing Association is proud to welcome three new Board Members elected to the 2024 Board of Directors!


Kathryn Mazard, Area Manager, Global Team Staffing


Katherine Mazard is an Area Manager with Global Team Staffing (GTS), a minority-owned staffing firm based in Birmingham, AL, which serves a wide variety of industries. She co-manages the Illinois GTS office with her husband, which they launched in 2022. Her previous professional experience includes working as a supervisor in manufacturing and serving at a non-profit in Haiti. She holds a SHRM-CP certification from the Society of Human Resource Professionals, and she also volunteers on the ASA Women in Leadership Council.

Shortly after joining ISSA, Katherine attended the Midwest Conference, and was quickly impressed with the ISSA community. While sales professions have a reputation for being cutthroat, Katherine has found ISSA to be full of people who have an abundance mindset and who are generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. She enjoys volunteering with ISSA, currently serving on both the Membership and Legislative Committees, and working on initiatives to engage members in the central and southern parts of the state.

Kathryn lives in Mattoon with her husband, Samuel, and their two dogs. She enjoys reading, writing, playing the piano and cello, and traveling with her husband.


Natalia Motoc, Executive Director of Operations, Staffing Network


Natalia Motoc is widely recognized as an expert in the staffing industry, possessing a background in recruiting, client relations, and operations. With over 12 years of experience, while with Staffing Network LLC, she had honed her skills and earned a reputation for excellence in her field.

While she started with zero experience in the field, over these last 12 years, her proven expertise in recruiting was second to none, as she had a knack for identifying top talent and matching them with the perfect opportunities. Her understanding of client relations allowed her to build strong, long-lasting partnerships with some of the industry’s most prominent organizations. And her operational prowess ensured that all aspects of her business, ran smoothly and efficiently. Natalia’s reputation preceded her, and she was sought after by both job seekers and employers alike. Her dedication to her craft was evident in every interaction, as she strived to provide the best possible outcomes for all parties involved.

With her wealth of knowledge and a proven track record of success, Natalia Motoc is a force to be reckoned with in the staffing industry. Clients trust her implicitly, and job seekers knew that she was the key to unlocking their career potential. In a crowded and competitive field, Natalia’s expertise set her apart as a true industry leader.

Natalia is a firm believer that Technology has changed the world and specifically the staffing industry. Has made it easier. The one downside yet, is that not everyone has learned to take full advantage of it. Technology plays a crucial role in the expert’s recruitment strategies as it enables the expert to reach a wider pool of candidates, automate repetitive tasks, and streamline the hiring process making it more efficiently and effectively.

Recently she has earned her MBA, with a Concentration in Organizational Development and HR that only confirms her level of expertise and desire to make the Staffing World a better place!



Nicole Kline, Vice President of Operations & Strategic Accounts, HireLevel.


Nicole came to Extra Help, Inc. (now HireLevel) in 2007 as a full-time recruiter. She grew up in the Extra Help, Inc family in Southern Illinois while working for the company as a “temp” many times. After moving to St. Louis for college, she fell in love with the area and continued her education at St. Louis University receiving her MBA. After opening the HireLevel Edwardsville location in 2009, she planted her roots in Edwardsville with her husband. Years later, she is still leading the Edwardsville team in addition to being a busy mom of three (Madison, Parker, and Jack).

Throughout her sixteen years at HireLevel, she has worn many hats including recruitment, sales, and account management. As VP of Operations and Strategic Accounts, she is responsible for exceeding the needs of our HireLevel customers while providing great job opportunities for employees. She serves as the “middleman” between the sales process and the delivery process, nurturing relationships with customers to expand partnerships to find great long-term employment for as many people as possible.

She is passionate about people, and it shows in her work every single day. At HireLevel, we bring together our clients and candidates to help change lives. The opportunities to do this are endless. She is most proud of the success stories of past employees and how we helped changed their lives by giving them an opportunity that they didn’t think was possible.

When she is not working, you can find her on the sidelines of the soccer fields, running around with her kiddos, cooking, or trying to find enough time in the day to exercise. She also loves to spend time with family and friends, vacation at the beach, and catch all the concerts.


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